Every Household A Business

Imagine if everyone chooses their communities first before deciding to get from commercial options.

By Guilian Sencio

A considerable part of the population has lost income because of the pandemic. The threat of contracting COVID has forced people to stay indoors and avoid social contact—causing an economic standstill. Industries are sinking due to the lack of sales. Employees are being laid off by the thousands while tons of small businesses are closing their doors.

While this is all happening, Hyperlokal has been developing a platform that would answer the economic, social and logistical problems that the pandemic has been causing while creating support and educational material to make sure that our members get the most out of the platform.

The Every Household a Business Campaign

The Every Household a Business Campaign is an initiative of Hyperlokal that assists struggling and affected SMEs and Households in gaining back their economic footing during and after the pandemic. The campaign will be focusing on cultivating economic communities in Quezon City and Makati City. The campaign welcomes both old and new businesses alike.

The Campaign will also provide a How to Sell to Your Neighbourhood guide so that SMEs and households can effectively acquire and maintain a solid market.

The Hyperlokal Way

In Hyperlokal, we advocate that the only way to get out of this mess is if we all work together—and as a community!

The Hyperlokal app is an eCommerce platform that has a map-based interface for community buying and selling. In it, you will discover the sellers around your location—as well as getting yourself discovered by buyers, too! We can say that we are the only eCommerce platform like this!

There are many benefits to this kind of eCommerce:

  1. You wont have to pay for expensive delivery fees!
  2. Confusing and oftentimes different digital payment methods can be avoided by easy cash-on-delivery arrangements.
  3. You will be able to support and be supported by your neighbourhood and community! (Why buy commercialised goods if you can support home- and hand-made?)
  4. You’ll be able to get back and immerse yourself in your own community—something a lot of us have neglected since the start of the digital era.
  5. You will purchase form people you know and trust. They’re just down the street!
  6. Customers in your area are easier to acquire and maintain compared to the scattered marketing efforts on social media.
  7. You do not need to learn the complications of digital marketing or navigate the wide expanse of social media.

Community Marketing

Here is an example that Hyperlokal Founder & CEO, Guilian Sencio, would love to mention to illustrate the benefits of Community Marketing:

Imagine living in a village of about 300 households. With an average of 3 people per household, you’ll have a total market size of 900 people within arm’s reach. That doesn’t even include the nearby villages and houses, or the entire Barangay!

Acquire and maintain only 10% of that 900 to buy your product or service once a week: which is 90 sales per week. Let’s assume you’re selling a product that’s 150 pesos with a 75-peso cost to create. You will have 75 pesos in profit per sale multiplied by the 90 people who buy from you regularly. That’s already 7,500 pesos of net income PER WEEK!

Imagine how easier it will be if you live in a condo. Imagine how much you’ll get if you target 20% or even 30% of that 900-person population. Imagine the choices and variation you’ll get to try as a buyer!

And lastly, imagine if everyone choose their communities first before deciding to get commercial options.

Easier for Everybody

Selling on Hyperlokal does not require specialised knowledge on Social Media, Branding, Digital Marketing, or even expensive product photoshoots! But you do need decent photos to show what you’re selling.

Logos and brand identities become unnecessary when selling mom’s homecooked dishes or vegetables from the local farm share to your eager neighbours and friends.

A number of people who want to sell their handmade items and homecooked dishes often don’t venture into selling them because of these perceived barriers of branding and digital marketing.

Besides, what chill mom who just loves making the best lasagne in the world would want to go up against numerous brands from all over the country with crisp and neat brand identities and highly curated newsfeeds?

In Hyperlokal, you just have to post what you want to sell, make sure it’s amazing, and deliver it to your neighbours!


Every culture and nation has one thing in common: community. With Hyperlokal, you will be able to see what’s just around you, wherever you are around the globe! Whether you open the app in Sydney, Toronto, Manila, or Bangkok, the application will show your location and the community that surrounds you. It’s time for a global community to Rise Up and help each other in a time when we all should work together.

Gone are the days that we have to rely on firms and big business for our daily necessities. With Hyperlokal, you can sell your products and services to your neighbourhood and buy what you need form your community as well.

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