How Should You Sell to Your Neighbourhood?

Identify the unique aspects of your community

Align you and your shop to your community by researching who they are, what they want and need, and what they do.

The answers to these questions will help you come up with the right strategy in selling to your neighbours.

Come up with content that is relevant to your community

Help your neighbours relate to you and to your products/services. For example, if you are selling baked goods, feature the people that buy from you in your community. Remind them to leave reviews so that your shop can garner more reputation. Create campaigns or initiatives around those unique components to engage your locals!

Add more details about your business

Let your neighbours know what you can offer. Include as much information as you can about your shop and your products in your Hyperlokal Shop

How to sell nextdoor: The Hyperlokal Way

Picture this: You live in a subdivision with at least 75 households, with let’s say, a family of five each. You notice that there aren’t a lot of bakeries where your neighbourhood is, and so you set up shop for a small home baking business. Some of your neighbours would buy bread once a week, with some buying fresh baked goods from you everyday for breakfast and merienda. At this pace, you will be able to have sure buyers in your community. If at least 30 families buy from you for at least five times a week, you would be able to sell 150 orders to your neighbours a week, not counting multiple orders.

  1. Know and identify your market A target market is a set of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that you hope to serve. These people are those you identified will most likely purchase your products or services. Not everyone in your neighbourhood likes and purchases the same things. Identify your basis for segmenting your target market (i.e. age, interests, etc.) What is your neighbourhood’s demographic? What kind of neighbours are you selling to? What trends are present in the community?
  2. Localize your inventory Source your products Hyperlokally. Aside from enabling you to create more unique and compelling assortments, supporting fellow Hyperlokal members can strengthen your local economy — and that’s good for everyone! Plus you might get to have a new regular buyer in the people you buy from in your community.
  3. Know your product/s well Having products worth selling is only the first step in selling to your neighbors. Understanding your product’s qualities will help you know how to sell it better. Identify what makes your product stand out (i.e. price, quality, uniqueness) so that your neighbors would be interested in what you’re offering. What makes your product/service unique from the others?
  4. Talk Like a Neighbour In your neighbourhood, your neighbours are your customers. However, it’s easier to build customer relationships if you treat the people in your neighbourhood as neighbours that you care for instead of mere buyers. Try to present yourself as a neighbour who wants to provide for your neighbourhood instead of a business trying to sell to customers. Having good customer equity builds your product’s value, improves your business’s brand, and helps retain customers in the long run.
  5. Make it a Household Staple Create products that people would buy regularly. Sometimes it can be a weekly cheat desert, or perhaps something needed for their everyday morning routine?
  6. Spice it Up! It’s great to create products that people will buy regularly but you should also spice it up with new weekly flavours, vaiants, and offerings! There are many ways to sustain the interests of your friends and neighbours: holiday flavours, weekly specials, and limited editions!

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