Building Communities Through Buying Lokal

By: Ella Que

From food and produce to clothes and personal items, weekend markets have all of these under one roof (or rather, under a lot of tents)! 

From The Legazpi Sunday Market Facebook Page
The Legazpi Sunday Market, a Makati weekend classic since 2005, has always been a go-to for families, friends, or anyone for that matter to get their fix of great food and products from local businesses that could not be found in regular supermarkets. You’ll be surprised as to how many vendors they have as well as the variety!

But why local? What can I benefit from buying from local businesses and SMEs? What’s more, with the current COVID-19 situation, how can we continue supporting these local entrepreneurs from the Legazpi Sunday Market?

With Hyperlokal, supporting local businesses would be easy! By providing a seamless eCommerce platform for businesses and consumers,  it’ll be easier for vendors and customers to reach out and support one another during these challenging times.

Why buy and support lokal?

1. Buying local goods within your community is cheaper than most imported goods. 

No matter which way we look at it, something from your next door neighbor is more likely going to be a lot cheaper than something taken from a grocery shelf. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the current economic climate of the Philippines, many households have wasted little time in putting their wares on full display. From burnt Basque cheesecakes, to Portuguese egg tarts, to specialty coffee, everybody seems to be selling one thing or another. If the abundance of Facebook and Viber groups are anything to go by, buying local, community based goods has become a new norm! Not only are they handmade with love from your neighbor, but they’re probably also a lot cheaper than something from your nearby supermarket!

2. It’s a healthier alternative. 

Homemade means that these goodies are without any of the unhealthy processing and artificial preservatives that tend to make up most of the items in the supermarket. With each product or good made specifically per custom order, customers are not only able to eat them freshly made, but probably derive a lot more health benefits from them also!

3. Local businesses offer a wider variety of products as compared to mass produced goods.

The sheer amount of sellers means that there’s a lot of goods to choose from, and a wide variety of different products on offer. Be it food and beverages or embroidered shirts and personally designed water bottles, the possibilities seem to be limitless. The personal nature of the goods on offer also means that a great deal of customization is allowed, something you wouldn’t normally find in the grocery. Not only do you have a wide variety to choose from, but each product, good, or service can be tailored to fit only your exact needs!

4. It’s an environmentally friendly lifestyle

Most local businesses source their products and goods from local farmers, communities, and natural resources (and there’s a lot of that in the Philippines). Local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint as compared to larger, multinational companies. In other words, they don’t emit a lot of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment, in their daily activities as a business. That means supporting these businesses also means we are reducing our own carbon footprint! It’s a win-win situation for consumers, entrepreneurs and even the producers of these resources and goods!

From Siklo Pilipinas Facebook Page

5. It creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn a living through their passions and hobbies.

Most local entrepreneurs start out their businesses because of a passion or a hobby of theirs such as food production, clothes-making, cleaning products, jewelry and so much more! There are even those that share common advocacies towards environmentalism and supporting local communities! So, the more we buy from these local businesses, we even encourage more potential entrepreneurs to start up their own businesses while doing what they love. Even you can become a fellow local entrepreneur in your community!

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6. You get a more personalized and better customer service.

Local business owners are hands-on with their own company and are directly connected with their employees. It’s also important for them to know their customers themselves. Imagine having the owner of the business selling their own products and services to you! They fully know their products and can even tailor their services to make your customer experience even better. It’s definitely more rewarding knowing that these local business owners not only care about their products, employees, and advocacies but also their own customers! 

From OYA Homemade Goodies Facebook Page

7. We get to support our local economy and create more jobs for communities in need.

Filipinos have been struggling to earn a living due to the impacts brought about by COVID-19. Hundreds of local businesses, including the ones in the Legazpi Sunday Market, are having difficulty making ends meet without risking anyone to lose their jobs. Since local businesses source their products from local farmers and communities, it’s an opportunity for them to expand what else they can offer as more and more of these businesses start up. It then creates more jobs for these communities! Not only that, but also when we buy from these businesses, the money goes directly to these communities and families in need.

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However, given the current situation, it’s been difficult for us to go to Legazpi Sunday Market and do our usual routine of shopping, eating and exploring with families and friends. We may not be able to do that, but it is still possible to support our local and favorite vendors from the Legazpi Sunday Market from the comforts and safety of our own homes even during these challenging times! 

The Legazpi Sunday Market has partnered with Hyperlokal in supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 situation. Through Hyperlokal, we would be able to safely support and reach out to our favorite vendors or even discover new ones! Furthermore, it’ll be easier for Legazpi Sunday Market businesses to get in touch with their customers. If you really want to go to the market yourself, no worries! Just be sure to practice safety protocols such as social distancing, wearing masks and keeping yourself in check whenever you’re outside. After all, we want to keep you and our favorite vendors safe!

From Legazpi Sunday Market Facebook Page

Join us as we support lokal, either through buying their products and services or even just sharing their social media pages brings more awareness on the positive impact these businesses have not just to our local economy, but also to our own personal lives. Active communication between our local businesses and us, the consumers, are quintessential in strengthening our communities, our bayanihan, during the COVID-19 pandemic and even beyond. Learn more about Hyerlokal and our partnership with Legazpi Sunday Market, as well as our other initiatives at our website at

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