A Day in the Life of a Hyperlokal Volunteer

Lateral foreground of a working desk with the laptop, cup of coffee, eyeglasses and stationery

Her schedule is flexible as she can pursue both her career and volunteering in the company.

By Ruth Garcia

Online business are thriving in the new normal. Don’t believe me? According to The Philippine Star, “Technology has already transformed online business transactions into an infinite marketplace where conducting business has become more convenient and efficient for both vendors and vendees.” With the vast use of technology, the pandemic hasn’t stopped buyers and sellers from engaging and connecting with one another; and even more so within communities.

Catering to the current needs of our fellowmen amidst this pandemic is one of the reasons why Mr. Guilian Sencio, CEO of Hyperlokal, created this kind of platform.

“Dan Enova and I built this company as a solution to the loss of livelihood and social isolation that the pandemic has brought us. The best way to solve this problem is if we work together as a community in supporting each other through these troubling times.”

Neighborhood selling is what Filipinos are taking part in since certain areas are still in the state of general community quarantine, or GCQ. This is one way to reach out to fellow Filipinos in order to sell products or offer their services which will hopefully alleviate problems one day at a time. For this reason, Hyperlokal has gradually executed its mission and vision, and that is “to provide a platform for individuals and households to trade goods and services amongst each other while envisioning a society where the community is the primary consideration in daily economic decisions.”

As we go along through a day in a life of a Hyperlokal intern, Nina Bordamonte, shares with us her routine while working as a freelancer and a volunteer in the company:

8:00 PM: Start working with Hyperlokal

Set up the computer, review papers, etc.

10:00 PM: Meet up with team members

Tasked as a social media lead; brainstorm and discussion

Assigned in the minutes of the meeting

12:00 AM: End of work

*Meetings are usually held on Mondays and Saturdays

*Creation of outputs are in between meeting days

*Saturdays/Sundays: Submission of progress to Mr. Guil

Her schedule is flexible as she can pursue both her career and volunteering in the company. Working with Hyperlokal as one of the first few volunteers was all innocent and unexpected as she and the team were still gathering information for the development of Hyperlokal.

In terms of the company culture, Heddy Tiu, one of the first volunteers in Hyperlokal, has shared her experience with Mr. Guil and the team.

I honestly love working with everyone at Hyperlokal especially Guil since I’ve been working closely with him. I could immediately tell by his genuine and accommodating nature that he would be the kind of CEO who listens to people’s suggestions and also tries to widen his perspective by a look at things from a different angle. Definitely far from the usual “untouchable” CEO that we often encounter!

As for the team, I love how everyone is working hard to help Hyperlokal become better every day. Everyone keeps suggesting new ideas and new systems help us become more efficient and effective. I also really appreciate how everyone’s light-heartedness and kindness create an inclusive atmosphere where all of us welcome to share and express ourselves freely. I, myself, have presented and suggested several ideas in the past and I was so happy when it was received well by my colleagues.

With this, here are a few words from Mr. Guilian on the present and future interns working for Hyperlokal,

I would like to thank all of the interns and volunteers of Hyperlokal. Hyperlokal won’t be able to help as much people it is helping today with your involvement. Your work in Hyperlokal will be a fun and interesting experience, and even more so when we have already launched.

And with that, we look forward to you becoming part of our family as we partake in the journey of accomplishing the goals and aspirations of Hyperlokal.

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