Meet the Vegan Sellers of Hyperlokal!

By: Therese Ybanez

Guest Contributor

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While most people have been quick to dismiss vegans as people who eat nothing but greens and beans, there are a few sellers on Hyperlokal who may just convince you that being vegan isn’t all about that.

A quick rundown on veganism – it is the practice of avoiding the use and consumption of animal products. Everyone has a different reason for adopting such a lifestyle, but it almost always boils down to wanting to be kinder to our furry friends.

Whether you’re vegan or not, there’s something for you here at Hyperlokal. Here are our vegan sellers on the platform:

Mamaizing — Makati City

Mamaizing sells decadent homemade cookies. They have chunky chocolate and even cookies for the gods! They come in the cutest packaging as you can see below.

Image from @mamaizing on Instagram. In image: vegan chunky chocolate cookies.

As if these cookies couldn’t get any better, you have the option to add macadamia, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, and other nuts to your already delicious cookies. Their products use only all-natural ingredients and have fewer calories than your regular cookie.

Mamaizing is owned by Andie Lagman, who says she was inspired by her family to start her business. Mrs. Lagman has also mentioned that she hopes to encourage more people to eat healthier and to be guilt-free as they indulge in desserts and sweets.

Mamaizing on Hyperlokal Mamaizing on Instagram

The Vegan Baker PH — Quezon City

Cookies aren’t all that the vegan world has to offer. The Vegan Baker PH has other desserts like brownies and a ba-nono bake.

Image from @theveganbakerph on Instagram. In image: ba-nono bake and vegan brownies.

The ba-nono bake is definitely a product that piques one’s curiosity. Admit it: we’ve all eaten raw cookie dough at one point. With the ba-nono, you can eat as much as you want since it’s safe to consume as it is! Should you change your mind, you can bake it into a nice warm cookie, too.

The Vegan Baker PH on HyperlokalThe Vegan Baker PH on Instagram

Grey’s Kitchen Vegan — Imus, Cavite

Who doesn’t love pastries? Grey’s Kitchen offers a wide array of them, with oatmeal muffins, banana bread, and oatmeal cookies on their menu.

Image from @greyskitchenph on Instagram. In image: vegan oatmeal muffins.

Grey’s Kitchen’s products are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or just plain snacking! Most of their products aren’t just vegan, but gluten-free as well. Not to worry though, they’re definitely not lacking in taste!

Grey’s Kitchen Vegan on HyperlokalGrey’s Kitchen Vegan on Instagram

Veganderia — San Jose, Nueva Ecija

Besides sweet vegan options, there are also some savory vegan dishes on the market. One of these is Veganderia’s take on the Filipino classic palabok.

Image from @veganderiaph on Instagram. In image: vegan palabok party tray.

Veganderia is a proud vegan karideria and panaderia. Besides offering this classic pancit, Veganderia also has Golden Milk, Matcha Milk, and some zero-calorie sweeteners for you to enjoy in their shop.

Veganderia on HyperlokalVeganderia on Instagram

No animals were harmed in the making of all these delicious dishes! They all taste just as great – if not better – as their non-vegan versions. Don’t believe us? Maybe you should try them out for yourself! Place an order now on! 

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